I gathered up my poetry

and placed it in

a pretty wicker basket

lined with linen and lavender,

and I went into the meadow—

all fragrant

with wildflowers and the sweet

grasses of june—

and there I released my words

and let them float away

on june’s stormy winds

like little birds

longing for a home….



wendy st. john-devereaux


twilight time

have you ever heard the 1958 recording, “twilight time” by the platters?… is a sweetly romantic song, wonderful for slow dancing…….


my husband, ian, and I discovered this old song on a juke box at a lakeside inn up in Michigan last summer……the song remains one of our favorites….we now have it on a cd!



ian and I are great music lovers……there is almost no kind of music that we do not like……we even listen to Russian and Swedish rap music on youtube with my grandson…

 === ==========

ian, among his many talents, is a classically-trained pianist, and his favorite music includes oldies and big band dance music…..




when I was a kid, I was one of those lonely “only children” types….I listened to a lot of music…..


my parents were older, and did not like the “noise” of the radio, but they had no problem with me going into our basement rec room, to play their old records…..they were great dancers, and belonged to several dance clubs….so, naturally, they had a ton of music in their collection….


I grew up listening to a lot of music from the 1930-1955 era—big band music, latin, you name it……..


I heard those songs so many times, that to this day, I remember the lyrics to hundreds of songs……


for a while, when I was in college, there was a revival of the big band music, swing dancing, and other 1940s delights….I had the rare opportunity of being the featured female vocalist in a local band at that time… was such fun being challenged by the band members to remember the lyrics of some rather obscure songs….


                      this week, ian is away on business, and I really miss him, especially at twilight



may the joy of music fill and bless your heart as it has ours

wendy st. john-devereaux

allow me to introduce myself

I am a refugee from another site

so glad to have found a new home here!

writer—-short non-fiction articles, poetry, blogs


buffalo drummer

guitar strummer

creator of beachscape gardens

certified hypnotherapist

spiritualist minister—this means I am a medium, too—but not the long island one

lover of all animals, the beach, my life

mother, grandma, and newly-wedded wife

married to the love of my life

a totally, incurable romantic

an un-moody Gemini–go figure


here I am, ready to be me, and be free

are you there yet?

compensation, emerson, and change—–6/2/13

welcome to the maiden voyage of my blog!!


anyone who knows me also knows that I am a big fan of ralph waldo emerson, and, today I was reminded of his essay entitled “compensation”…….

basically, emerson says that, when one thing leaves our lives, something else comes in, to compensate for that loss……

this is also a spiritual law that I had forgotten, as well as a principle of science (a void must be filled……and all things must be in balance)….


it’s funny how my mind forgot all these important things, just because I lost a favorite site on the internet!…..

for over a month now, I have been stressed, depressed, and upset by losing this site, because I had friends there, and did my writing there… felt like I had lost so much that was near and dear to me…..I felt lonely, and felt too uninspired to write…..


today, I got really lucky, because a dear and trusted friend of mine in Kansas sent me an email, reminding me of who I am, what I do, and how much I actually have in my life….and she reminded me how life goes on, despite all losses, despite all changes……….

and so, I sat and meditated upon all of the things she had said….


and I found the real truth about how life goes on, despite all losses and disappointments…….

life goes on BETTER, when we recognize the spiritual and scientific laws that help to govern our little worlds…..because, when we understand these principles, we also open ourselves up for positive changes…..we then ALLOW the new and better things to come into our lives…..and they start coming in more rapidly than you could ever imagine!!


so, good-bye to the old, hello to the new—–

hello word press

hello to new friends that I now know are coming my way

hello to new possibilities, new ways of thinking, new joy

and many thanks to a wonderful friend, who always inspires me to think in new and better ways……..


until next time…….

I wish you blessings and abundance in all things

wendy st. john-devereaux